IMJ (International Medical Journal) 24-4


Validation of Malay Beck Cognitive Insight Scale (BCIS)
Othman Z. et al.

Orthodontic Relapse and Retention: An Overview
Al Hamdany A. K. et al.

Relationship between Peripheral Vascular Metabolic Change and Handgrip Exercise
Alam M. K. et al.

Class III Malocclusion with Anterior Open Bite, Orthodontic Treatment in an Adult Patient: A Clinical Note
Naresh Bhaskar Raj, Soumendra Saha, Srilekha Saha, Hairul Anuar Hashim, Nurfarah Ezzaty Binti Mohd Zahir, Fouzia Huda

A 3D Study of Facial Skeleton Morphometry Using CT Scan: An Overview
Islam M. et al.

Orthodontic Treatment Induced Root Resorption: A Review
Jamil M. et al.

Short Messaging Service (SMS) for Rural Outpatient Department in Malaysia: Is It a Suitable Practice to Increase Patient’s Satisfaction and Quality of Care?
Aniza I. et al.

Correlation between Adiponectin and HDL-Cholesterol in Overweight Adolescents
Jelani A. M. et al.

Role of Olive Oil on Bone Health: An Overview
Al Hamdany A. K. et al.

Improvement of Knee Flexion Deformity in Transtibial Prosthesis User
Hanafi M. H. et al.

Spaced Dentition Corrected by Fixed Orthodontic Treatment: A Case Series
Alam M. K. et al.

Pediatric Intracranial Complications of Sinusitis: Diagnostic Dilemma and Management
Hashim N. D. et al.

Penetrating Large Retro-Orbital Foreign Body-Fishing Sinker: Removal via Endoscopic Transnasal Approach
Asha’ari Z. A. et al.

Recurrent Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma with a Rare Presentation of Anterior Chest Wall Swelling
Rosla L. et al.

Idiopathic Cervicofacial Abscess among Children in the Tropics: What Level of Association with Mosquito Bite?
Aluko-Olokun B. et al.

Intraaural Tick Infestation Causing Facial Nerve Palsy and Acute Labyrinthitis: A Rare Case
Zulkiflee N. A. et al.

Intracranial Haemorrhage Misdiagnosed as Non-Accidental Injury: A Case of Neonatal Hepatitis
Tan L. J. et al.